Loc8 assists in closing the case in Minnesota

February 2024

“Later in the evening on the 19th, using clothing colors seen in the photograph, analysis of the photos began using the Loc8 program,” said Bakke. “Within an hour and a half, the analysis program identified an area of interest with a grouping of red pixels. We performed a closer analysis and determined this was the missing man.”


RDT G2 Fights Canadian Wildfires Spring 2023

British Columbia Canada, Spring 2023

Our RDT G2 Radiometric Analysis Tools are deployed to combat the raging forest fires across Canada in the Spring / Summer of 2023. 

More information coming soon …….

RDT aids Texas Law Enforcement in Homicide Investigation

Amarillo Police

“During this investigation photographs and information gathered by the drone were sent to Robinson for analysis. He was able to give me an area to look for this possible burial. During the search of this location human remains were located.”

Loc8 finds Dementia patient in Italy


“With a drone and software, the Fire Brigade found a missing woman by detecting the color of the clothes”
“The turning point came the next day, Sunday afternoon, when the woman was found thanks to a DJI Matrice 300 drone supplied to the national body and experimental software .”

CASARA Volunteers Take Flight to Save Lives

Royal Canadian Air Force

Imagery captured by aircraft and RPAS pilots using the ASIS is submitted for spectro-analysis using a newly acquired software called Loc8. “This software allows an operator to scan images collected post‑flight for specific colours,” remarks Gord Tessier, Director of Research and Development Communications at CASARA Ontario. “Once a potential search object is located, the geotag from the photo, along with terrain matching, allows search teams to find missing aircraft, watercraft, or persons more quickly.”

Loc8 in the Nevada Desert with Red Rock Search and Rescue

Deseret News

The 5-acre lot next to Craig McVeay’s house is empty, except for the sand, rock and sagebrush common in Pahrump, Nevada. The 57-year-old Homeland Security retiree takes a few articles of clothing from a box destined for Goodwill and scatters them across the open space one afternoon. 

He lays a pair of jeans out on the ground, places hats and shirts around the brush. The items look discarded, remnants, or clues one might look for if they were combing the wilderness for a body. 

McVeay goes back into his house, flies two drones over the lot and runs the footage on his computer equipped with software that automatically analyzes the imagery. It’s work that, up to this point, he has been doing manually. “And it hit on every piece of clothing that I put out,” McVeay told me over the phone, a little incredulous. “It was,” he pauses for a moment, “it was pretty neat.”

Buxton Mountain Rescue (UK) Adopts Loc8


Back in May we updated you on Loc8, an exciting piece of software the team has started trialling as part of our drone search programme.
Well, after a number of rigorous tests in the field, we are very pleased to announce that we have taken the decision to obtain a number of licences for the software so we will now begin to use it operationally.
The software allows hundreds of images to be scanned rapidly at pixel level, while automatically searching for matches with a missing persons clothing or even skin colour. When the system finds a potential match it alerts the operator who can then conduct further investigation.
We would like to thank Unmanned Systems Research for developing such an ingenious system and for the excellent level of support they have provided us throughout the trial!

RDT Narrows the Search in Poland


Congratulations to our good friends in Warsaw, Poland on another successful search for an elderly dementia patient. RDT was heavily utilized and narrowed down the search area for them on this moving subject. Keep up the great work Dębe Wielki Volunteer Fire Brigade !!

Unmanned Systems Research

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