General Tech Notes

Software Registration

System Requirements

  • Download and install the program 
  • Open the program and register your software under Help – Register
  • Close the software window
  • Send an email to [email protected] to request an unlock of your trial license or subscription. 

Loc8 or RDT will run on any Windows based laptop or desktop computer. Windows 10 or higher is recommended. 

If your computer supports multi-threading, Loc8 will utilize all available resources. It is recommended to retain at least (1) thread for other processes and let Loc8 utilize the remainder.

An Internet connection is NOT required to run Loc8 or RDT in the field. You will need an internet connection to register your product and activate your license after purchase.

Our bench test computer is a Dell G7 7700, with an Intel i7, 16gb ram, and a 500mb high speed SSD. On average the G7 will process 20mp jpg images at a rate of 4 frames per second. 

Loc8 Tech Notes

Loc8 Software Updates

Windows 11 Update Ver 3.73


General updates for the latest Windows 11 patch release. Minor changes only. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

High Mobility Computing

When compact High Mobility computing power is required, Loc8 G2m is specifically designed and engineered for the Microsoft Surface Pro 8. G2m includes touchscreen operability in addition to advanced algorithm’s for maximum hardware performance equal to or greater than most i7 based laptops. 

Color Wheel

The reference Color Wheel can be found under Help – Color Wheel inside of Loc8. You can also download a .png file for your desktop below. 

Frame Resolution

The frame resolution chart is a reference to assist users when comparing the frame resolution of basic settings and or collection methodologies.  

Loc8 G2 Button Map Main

Download the current button map for the Loc8 G2 home screen.

Loc8 G2 Button Map Viewer

Download the current button map for the Loc8 G2 viewer screen.

Loc8 G2 Keyboard Shortcuts

Download the current keyboard map for Loc8 G2

RDT Tech Notes

RDT Software Updates

M30T Update Ver 1.31


Ver 1.31 update is available for download. The M30T outputs thermal jpg’s with a frame size of 1280 x 1024 but the Radiometric data (sensor) is 640 x 512. This mismatch can cause some processing errors. In version 1.31 when RDT detects this mismatch, the option to use “Original” when importing is removed.

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